Monday, November 02, 2009

October Updates

I have been neglecting my blog for quite sometime now…. Too many stories to write but yet my mind’s not into writing now. Maybe because my phone was stolen and I don’t have any pics to upload and thus to tell stories… Hmmm probably… Too much work? Hmmm a possibility or just too lazy to update…. Hhehehheh most likely the last one….

So first thing first, an update/highlights of what have been going on so far….

1. Iphone Story

They finally attended to me. Got RM750 rebate for outright purchase of iphone 3gs… better than nothing huh? So, made the booking and still waiting for my phone to arrive. Huh such a long wait, and the guy who attended to me, did not even bother to reply to my email. Initially he said he will try his very best to get the phone for me asap so that I don’t have to wait, the waiting time will be between 30-45 days…. Hmmm should I write another complaint leter?

2. 7 Oct 09- My Birthday Story

I am 32 this year… married with 2 kids… that’s what my mom said when she called to wish me well…
Apart from that, received birthday wishes all around…. Thanx guys for those sweet and kind wishes… From colleagues as well…. Bought me a cake and all…. Tried to make it as a surprise though they called me a spoil sport hehehe…. Saje jek…. Keh keh keh.. My colleagues took me out for lunch not on my bday but on Friday to one of the Italian restaurant in cyberjaya, not so bad though…..

As for my dear hubby, he took me out to dinner that nite although he wasn’t feeling too good… Bought cupcakes (no flowers bouquet or basket this year, it would be so obvious since he sent 2 last year for anniversary and birthday hehhehe). Had dinner at Tony Romas and he told me that he will pay for the Iphone… woohoooo…. Hehhehe thanx dear…

After that, went home and celebrate with the kids… Haikal wanted to buy me flowers, not the whole bouquet cos he doesn’t have enough money to pay for it (isn’t that sweet….) Alaani, of couse she’s oblivious to the fact that it was my birthday, she just wanted the cupcake…. So typical of her….. hehhehehhe

3. 14 Oct 09 - Dinner with the Gurlz from SKST JB @ Delicious

I left Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri tebrau Johor Bahru in 1989 and I have not met the girls since…. Thanx to facebook, after approx 20 years, we hooked up again… Melati, Jaja and Sue (more fondly known as Suhaila in the yesteryears), it was really good to have met you guys again….

Initially, I was quite afraid that we won’t have anything to talk about. After 20 years and no contact at all but somehow we talked and talked and did a lot of catching up…. And apparently I just knew this from Jaja heheheh, that she said I was quite a bully back in school… hahhahah I have no recollection of being a bully. And apparently Jaja said she was always my accomplice hehheheheh…. Opppss sorry Jaja.

As for Melati, she said I must be approachable cos we are friends, hmmm…. She said she is so low profile back in primary school and the fact that I was close to her meant that I am never the ‘berlagak’ type and that I must be very friendly to her….

Sue, she wasn’t from SKST but she was my classmate from my Sekolah Agama Taman Sri Tebrau. She was always the centre of attraction especially to this boy name Haniff from my school. Haniff befriended me just to get to Sue and apparently they thought that I was with Haniff…. No way, he’s cute and all but he was so into you Sue hikhik…

4. 28 Oct 09 - Cuci the Musical

It was so good… I had a good time watching it…. Not a single moment that I regretted watching it. And despite Hans being so handsome, Afdlin being funny and cute, Ac as he is (never like him much though, think he likes to shout when he talks even with his mic on), I still think that Awie is the show stealer… hehheheh I know someone who would oppose this… I don’t care, and I really am into his voice and him for that matter mwahahhahaha…..

5. 30 Oct 09 - Dinner with the Gurlz from MSMKL @ Tony Romas

Another reunion, this time with the gurls from MSMKL…. Jash, Suyah, Iderk, Ndut. Lia and Ayin. Merci and Rin cant make it, so sad… Regardless, we all had a good time reminiscing old memories. Cant put up any pics since don’t have my iphone yet :P please refer to Ndut’s blog for pics.

So, this reunion was arranged in honour of Lia who requested to meet up with the ‘gang’ from A level but refused to initiate the email to suggest for the reunion. So, since I am so kind hearted and the fact that I do have all the numbers (though not the emails), so I started the initiative. It wasn’t that easy as everyone has their own agenda and finally we fixed it on 30 Oct 09 at Tony Romas the Gardens at around 645pm. It was good seeing them after all this time. We all looked different now (literally) hahhaha for some of us la…. And most of us have kids now (cant believe that either).

Anyway, it was good dinner though Lia came very late (arrghhh don’t wanna talk about that). She almost abandon us but Jash gave her a good round of scolding which we think she deserved since she was the one who kept on insisting on this reunion. She bought cake for us who celebrated birthdays in October i.e myself, ayin, merci and ndut hehhehe and Suyah bought us gift, thanx Suyah and on top of that she bought clogs for Alaani, so sweet the clogs I mean hehheh…

Hmmm… what else to say…. I think that’s it for the month of October… See you all kiddos whenever I’m free and feel like writing… Adios….


Ana Malek said...

show stealer!? ish!

Nomy Yahya said...

hhahahahha... ko kena tgk baru ko akan percaya.... colleague aku pun tgk and kata dia paling suka awie and adibah noor.... hehehhe outnmbered.....

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