Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stressing Month

I am so damned stressed with work nowadays... Felt like crying and in fact i burst into tears today. Too much to handle or i am extra sensitive?

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Already?

As usual i dont have the time to update my blog. Had Alaani's birthday party onthe 3rd, stf9094 reunion on the 10th, left behind by hubby on the 3rd weekend and now it's already the last weekend for the month. How time flies. Next i know kiddos are all grown up and dont want me huhu...

As for work, the pile's getting higher and higher. Reminders after reminders, calls after calls and bla bla bla. But still i am not there yet... Hmmmm... Sigh...

Frankly i am a bit disheartened with what happened in my life now (nothing to do with my family though). But allow me to sink in my sorrows and dwell with my feelings and after that i will try to accept it... Belajar untuk redha dan percaya things happen for a reason...
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Friday, April 02, 2010

Time Flies

Time flies really fast, it’s April now and my last post was in January…. So what have I been doing… where should I start? Arrghhh this is surely going to be a very long post… or a short one cos i easily forget now.


Holiday month in Astro, a quiet one always… This month… haiyo cant remember what we did and where we went la except that we (the legal dept) celebrated chrismast by exchanging gift and went out for christmast dinner my SIL engagement. I was in charged to do her make up, isk isk percaya minah ni bagi aku make-up dia. But all is well i did not spoilt her day or anything like that. Ok la kan hehheheh… so this is the result…

i personally sponsored her cupcakes for hantaran... Nicely done...

And oohhh it was also Alaani’s aqiqah, and we had ‘kambing golek’… it’s big and it was damn good (except for the sauce la) but that’s OK…

Alaani bersama kambingnye yang dah tinggal tulang...

What else happened in December? Sowweey cant remember…


Hmmm…. Happy new year everyone hahhaha (I know it’s late but I dont care heheheh)… again nothing much happened except that work started to pile up and my leisure time in the office has been limited huhuhu…


It’s a Birthday Month for Hubby and Haikal… Hubby is a Federal Territory’s baby, so for Hubby’s birthday, we went to Legend Water Homes PD. It was a good one, simple but nice celebration. Haikal and myself made a selfmade card for Hubby and Alaani just finger printed it….

My SIL also got married this month. And she had to do it on Haikal’s birthday… Hmmm tak paham but it was a sweet thought though… Btw my younger sil’s birthday share the same birthday as Haikal… So it was a triple celebration.

Oohhh btw I went for IP training in Singapore for 3 days… I haven’t been away from the kids since last year and I missed them bad. Kesian Alaani, she had fever and according to my maid she was very quiet and not very chatty as she used to be. Hubby came on the last night of the conference and after the conference ended apa lagi berjalan-jalan la di Orchard Road.

this is us berpoya-poya di Sinagpore

And oohhh lagi satu, the naughty Haikal fell from a swing.... Sian dia....

This is right after the fall

This is 6 hours after


Work work work

It was a very busy month for me huhuhuhuhu


Ehhh today baru 2 April…. To be updated lated… Btw esok birthday Alaani… woohooo

Friday, January 08, 2010

Date with hubby

Dinner at Carlos n sherlock holmes movie hehe...

Kids at home of course :)

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reposting pic

Me in office

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Try post pic laksss

Kambing golek aqiqah Alaani

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After several failed attempts and almost a whole day of choosing and amending, this is the result.... My new blog skin hehehe... And also first time blogging thru phone....

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