Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ben 10 @ ECurve

Got 4 tickets for the Ben 10 Alien Swarm given by my colleagues and also because i was the one who reviewed the agreement for one of the voice over talent hehehhehe... Guess who? of course Ben 10 itself.

Haikal was of course so excited and Alaani although she dint know anything except thta we were going to see/watch kept on saying 'Tetem' which actually means 'Ben 10' whenever she saw Ben 10.

Before we went to The Curve, we stopped at Maxis Centre @ Ampang Point to collect my long awaited iphone 3gs, but this I will elaborate on a separate post heheheh... Then off to Curve. When we arrived they have started with the programme and activities. Upon registration, we got our seats numbers and Ben 10 goodies consist of posters and postcards as well as popcorn and drinks coupon. The only thing is our tickets were meant for the BM version of the movie huhuhu.... We wanted to change it to the English version but the available seats were the front rows tickets so we had to pass it. What to do... Hmmmm...

Haikal and Alaani took part for the simple activities and games and got Cartoon Network stickers in return. Then Hafiz, the voice over talent for Ben 10 came for the meet and greet sessions. After sometime Ben 10 the character came with Gwen. Dint get to take pictures with Ben 10 and Gwen the character but got to take pic with Hafiz though

Haikal with Ben 10

Hubby and Kiddos

Ben 10 and Gwen

Me, Kiddos and Hafiz

Kiddos and friend's kiddos. The kid were supposed to come in any character from Ben 10 but since Haikal's Ben 10's shirt is stained, so too bad la hehehheeh....

Im the theatre....

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