Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Complaint Letter to Maxis

Dear Sirs,

I consider myself a loyal Maxis customer as I have been using the line, in fact the same number for about 10 years now. Started with a prepaid account and now switched to post-paid account together with a supplementary line.

4 months ago, I purchased an iphone during one of Maxis iphone roadshows at my office and as I don’t have the intention to switch to other telcos, I don’t mind being tied to a 2 year contract as I have been generally satisfied with the services that you have provided thus far.

However, on the 1st day of Eid my iphone was stolen. I called the customer service and they were very sympathetic and cooperative. They even advised me to suspend the numbers although they cannot accommodate my request to check for location of the last call made. The officer also informed me that I can purchase a 2nd iphone at any of the Maxis Customer Service Centre. However, I did not ask about the price for the purchase of the 2nd iphone.

The same night I went to KLCC Maxis Centre to get the SIM card replacement and to my disappointment I was told that I cannot purchase an iphone without the accompanying plan. I informed him that my iphone was stolen and I still have about 20 months to go. I still want to continue with my plan, and most importantly I still want to use an iphone. Again, to my dismay and disappointment the officer told me it is not possible to purchase an iphone without a plan. I was so disappointed and frustrated with his solution and advice to a loyal customer such as me especially when I know that I can purchase a 2nd iphone (via telephone conversation with the customer service). I requested him to check with his supervisor and after checking the officer informed me that I can purchase a 3G iphone if I take up the prepaid plan. I asked him if I can get a 3GS and again his answer is ‘no no u cant, u have to take up a new plan. Is that the only solution or advice that he can provide to the customers.

It is certainly not reasonable and unjustifiable if I intent to purchase/replace my stolen iphone and I am asked to continue with my existing plan or otherwise pay a hefty penalty if I want to terminate the existing contract.

Then, I asked him again what if I still have my iphone 3G and I want to upgrade to a 3GS. Again I received the same answer ‘you have to take up new plan’. So what about my existing contract/plan? So I have to serve 2 plans now? He did not answer my question and I requested him to call the supervisor as I wanted to verify/consult him. Again he went to seek his supervisor’s advice, and later he came (without the supervisor) and informed me that I can purchase a 3GS if my name is listed under the executive list (not sure the name of the list though) and I can enjoy a rebate of RM500. Obviously my name is in the list and as such I am entitled to purchase a 3GS.

Just imagine if I am the type of customer who doesn’t ask any questions, it would amount to an abuse of the process or simply in layman terms a daylight robbery. You have the duty to inform your customer on the possible solutions to overcome a problem and not simply provide the easiest answer which is take up new plan which would be beneficial to your company of course.

As I have mentioned above, I still wish to continue with my existing plan/contract despite intense persuasion from other telcos simply because I have been using the numbers for so long and I have no complaint in respect of your services until this recent incident.

I would be very grateful if you can provide me with a reasonable solution or otherwise give me the opportunity to purchase/replace my stolen iphone with the new iphone 3GS at the rate offered to Maxis new customer.

I shall wait for your favourable reply or otherwise I shall consider switching to other telcos.

Thanks and Regards


Ana Malek said...

hantar ke tak? or sekadar luahan perasaan.... hehe

BTW hp aku ttinggal kat rumah hari ni.

Ana Malek said...

hantar ke tak? or sekadar luahan perasaan.... hehe

BTW hp aku ttinggal kat rumah hari ni.

Nomy Yahya said...

patut la aku sms ko tak jawap hehhehe... hantar dah... dah dapat reply pun, "please provide us with your mobile number in order for us to assist you further" hahahhaah mengong tak?

Ana Malek said...

hahahah mengong la kan....
kalo tak tau hp no. camner diorg nak trace ko.

Anonymous said...

seriously i dont like maxis.. has been using maxis since few years ago but lot of problem..

but celcom dont have iphone.. but who cares?.. it better than maxis who think they are sooo good just because they had iphone.. sigh

now switching to celcom already, finally im officially in the celcom territory haha..

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Anonymous said...

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