Thursday, August 27, 2009

We went to Cameron Highlands a week before Ramadhan cos Hubby wanted to play golf with his buddies before Ramadhan comes. Said Ok provided that we can tag along hehehhe… But he made it clear or i can say that he told me repeatedly that his purpose was to play golf, we can go but he won’t accompany us on Saturday cos they intended to play 2 course that day. I told him it’s fine, I can manage the kids without him. But he said no and insists on bringing our maid so that she can take care of Alaani if I’m driving. We had few complexity before going that I almost cancelled off the trip. My maid was sick then Alaani got sick as well. Then Hubby couldn’t find an apartment cos it was all full bla bla bla….

But as you know we went despite all those and off we went, on 14 August 2009 after work. We were supposed to leave right after Maghrib prayers but because of lots of things we got held up. Hubby was pissed of cos we were like on each others throat and as usual Haikal was victimized because of that. Initially we thot of having dinner at one of the restaurants along the highway. But since we left quite late and the road was bad because of the rain we decided to had Mc Donald at Petronas only. We were quite except for Haikal and Alaani’s antiques. So what if I’m like 3o minutes late? I was the one who had to packed everything and make sure that all the stuffs got packed esp for the kids…. So what if I wasn’t that organized … I just got back from work and I was tired like you too except that I am not gonna drive that nite….

So the whole journey he kept on ranting at Haikal for being noisy. He can’t sleep, he was so excited and he kept on asking when are we arriving…. But after a while he got tired and sleepy and finally we got the peace… We took the long way up through Simpang Pulai as the road is bigger and less winding but it took us about 2 and ½ hours to reached Brinchang. We are staying at Strawberry’s Park and we had to wait for the Captain (owner of the apartment) to come and gave us the keys. By the time we reached the apartment, the kids are up… We arrived at the apartment approx 1 am and they were jumpin and running around the apartment. It took us a while to settle down and I managed to sleep around 230am after the kids slept. But Alaani kept waking up and cried. Prob she’s cold and not use to the weather or prob she’s just tired from the journey.

The next day we woke up early. Haikal wanted to go out and see Cameron Highlands. So after hubby left for his golfing day, we packed some stuff, some extra clothes and off we went. Thought of bringing the kids to strawberry farm and the tea plantation and probably stopped for some scones and tea. We headed to Tanah Rata, saw the small town and I wanted to stop at Bharat Tea Plantation but however I did not stopped until we reached the Ringlet. By this time Haikal was dizzy and as usual he vomitted. I had to turned again and we saw this bee farm aka strawberry farm and at last we stopped. Went to look at the bees and the strawberries. Then I saw the sign that the road lead to Boh Tea Plantation as well. So I drove in, the signboard only say 6km ahead but it was such a small road and very winding and zigzaggy, I was so scared… and 6km in that state of road it took ages for me to reach the plantation. It was OK if there’s no oncoming cars but to make matter worst of course there will be cars from the other direction. So one of us had to make way for the other to past. On the way up it was less challenging but on the way down I met up with a bus at a very curvy curve and I had to reverse the car until I almost hit the side of the hill and I almost screamed cos it seemed that the bus is going to scratch the side of my car. Luckily it dint happened and I swear that I am not going to that plantation anymore....

On the way up the hill...

Half way up the hill

Posing at the big stone up the hill
Haikal took this pictures... Not bad huh...
Stopped for a while on the curvy road cos Haikal had to vomit
Why is Alaani like that?
Better tapi Haikal la pulak...
Budak-budak ni susah betul amik gambar sekarang...

By the time we reached the main road it was almost 12pm. Haikal wanted to go back to the apartment and Alaani got cranky. She cried all the way back to Tanah Rata cos she wants me to carry her. I cant, I was driving and the road is winding and curvy. I had to stopped for a while soothe her. Thot she will sleep but no she ended up playing with Haikal. Had no choice had to give her back to my maid and the wailing started. Stopped at the first stall, ordered nasi soto and laksa for the kids.

Hubby called saying that he’s on the way to Tanah Rata for lunch. He came to picked us up and then accompany him for lunch. After lunch we sent him to the golf course went to Kasi Manis Strawerry Farm, had icecream and headed back to the apartment.

The kids slept and I slept jugak la hehehhe… Bout 630pm we went out and headed to the pasar malam in Brinchang. Met up with Hubby there. Bought some strawberries, vegetables and food for the maid.

Back at the apartment for a while then we went out again for steamboat with Hubby’s friends at Hotel Pasadena. Then balik tidur while watching Ayat-AYat Cinta.

The nest day, after packing, initially we wanted to bring the kids to butterfly park, then we remembered that the park only showed stuffed butterflies so we went to Cameron valley for some tea and scones with Hubbies friends.

Kenapa la muka semua masam ni...

Azrul Bidin Hubby & Fey

Then went back to Sungai Buluh…. Reached home about 730pm….

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