Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank God, All is Well

We went for second opinion at Ampang Puteri and he ordered Haikal to undergo a hearing test. We did and the nurse in fact did several tests to confirm her findings. She even did the test on my hubby just to test that the machine is working. The nurse said, usually the graph will have at least some peak but Haikal’s tests were all flat. She dare not say anything and told us to hear what the doctor had to day bout the tests.

Not to our surprise, the doctor confirmed it and said, his actual words were “kalau nak kata teruk, ni antara yang paling teruk yang saya pernah jumpa”.

So we had no choice but to go for surgery to remove his adenoid and tonsils. On top of that, the doctor will placed 2 tubes in each ear to drain the phlegm that has thickened at the back of his ears. Apparently the phlegm has affected his hearing hence no peak. The doctor further said 90% of parents won’t realize that their kids have hearing problems since it’s actually undetectable. Luckily we realize it because if not it will affect his hearing permanently.

So after long discussion and explanation on the surgery and what not we agreed to go for the surgery on 17 March 2009. The doctor said if there’s any complication, it will be because of the tube. The tube will come out on its own usually between 3-6 months. Since the tube is a foreign substance, it MAY (1) affect his balance; and (2) his body may reject it since it’s foreign substance in his organs.

And that’s what I’m afraid of. The worse is yet to come. The doctor said I may have to accompany him into the operation theatre until he goes to sleep. OMG how am I supposed to see him in that condition…. I don’t know how I can stand looking at him so small on the operating table… HUHUHUHUHUHUHU!!!!

We had to prep him for his surgery. But I never told him about the surgery. I asked whether his ear ache or is he always in pain. Haikal said, never in pain but he felt that there’s a lot of water in his ears. Thank god, at least he’s not in pain. So I told him, doctor will need to cure him. We need to go to hospital cause doctor need to put medicine in his ears so that water can come out. Every time I mentioned hospital, he’ll start crying.

After some time (or after much bribery) he accepted the fact that he had to go to hospital. We had to shop for toys, bought new pencil colours and coloring books. See to what extent we had to go to prep him.

Finally, it’s the day that we had to admit him. Hubby went with Haikal for admission process. Tried to get a single room but it was full and we got a twin bed instead. We were no. 4 on the waiting list for single room.

What to do… Alaani had to stay home with bibi. Wouldn’t want her to be there and see her brother in pain. His operation is scheduled at 830am the next day. No. 1 on the doctor’s list. After subuh prayer, I couldn’t sleep. I prayed so hard that all will be OK and Haikal will recover fast. i kept looking at him in his sleep and pray for him.

830am past. No one came to bring Haikal to OT. Asked the nurse. She said they will call once the OT informed that they are ready. About 920am, the nurse came and brought Haikal’s change of clothe. He started crying and we tried to console him. We carried him to the OT (not really OT, outside OT thay call it Recovery Room). We were about there for almost an hour and yet they are still not ready.

Once inside, my eyes became watery. I couldn’t stand it, the most dreaded episode is about to happened. Hubby told me not to cry in front of Haikal. He said I will scare him more. But what can I do? I am a mother and my son is about to be operated on.

We were about there for almost an hour and yet they are still not ready. We used the time to prep him and console him. Then the nurse came and told me to change my clothes. Soon, the anesthetist came and informed us the procedure. It’s time and I had to carry Haikal into the OT. OMG it was such a scary place even for me. Haikal cried and I had to be strong for him. I felt like crying too… but I managed not to cry, Haikal was holding me for his dear life… They waited for few minutes and still he cried, then the anesthetist told me that they couldn’t wait, so 4 nurses had to hold him down while the anesthetist gassed him… I couldn’t stop my tears, slowly it was running down my cheek. In less than 10 seconds, Haikal was asleep and the nurse told me and had to drag me out. Haikal looked so small and helpless….

Waiting sucks… We waited for about an hour. I kept seeing patient being wheeled out from OT. Suddenly I saw the anesthetist carrying a boy. Called my hubby and told him is that Haikal. Hubby looked and said probably because the patient looked so small. Then the nurse came to get me. Once she opened the door, I can hear him crying and screaming for me. OMG he’s already awake.

The sight of him right after the surgery really broke my heart. With traces of blood in his nose and mouth still full of blood. And I cant stand the screaming… “Mama… Sakit!!!” and he’s almost clotheless. He cant sleep because he’s really in pain and he’s shivering from the pain and the coldness. Seriously, when he cried, I cried too. They dint allow my hubby to come in. but after sometime, I told the nurse to get my husband cos I couldn’t stand being there alone. I am helpless and I couldn’t help ease his pain.

Haikal was in pain the whole day. He woke up from the pain. He would grab my hand and told me to stay cos it’s too painful. And I think his mouth hurts from the clam that they use to keep his mouth open. He dint drink or eat a single thing that day. He vomited blood. I had to wipe his mouth and face with ice to reduce the swollen. And every time I stopped, he started to cry.

MIL, FIL and SIL were all there. Hubby brought Alaani and bibik in the afternoon and I never left his side. By evening, his pain lessened. I really thank god for that. He started talking or at least listened to us talking and not crying of his pain. At night, he forces hubby to ‘pasang’ B-Daman for him and he wanted to colour but his so tired I told him not to colour yet. Then Uncle Azrul, Bidin & GF, Jay and Che We n Alia came to visit. He’s a bit better but not in the mood to talk. But he vomited blood again. Then when hubby sent Alaani and bibik home, he kept on asking for ayah. Ayah bought him lollipop and viatgen. He took a sip then that’s it.

The next day he woke up early and said to me “Mama Haikal dah baik dah… Haikal nak balik….”
Again I almost cried. I told him OK but we have to wait for the doctor to discharge us first. And he’s back to his normal self except that he cant eat cos it still hurts.
I asked him what he wants to eat and he said tomyam… How la….

Anyhow, I thank god that he’s OK now and I hope it will not come back and I don’t have to go through this again….


Miss J said...

oh dear what an experience. i hope you won't have to face this again. i had tears in my eyes reading this. be strong. hope haikal is recovering well.

nuraizah said...

Hope Haikal will get well soon. Takut betul baca pasal anak sakit/kena operate nih. U take care as well and be strong