Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Memories of 2008

RAYA 2008...

Went to Ultraman's Showcase just for Haikal. Took our first family pic with Ultraman Max.

The Kids and Hubby

Early of the year
Haaahahha guess what this is?

Haikal's Injuries

the pack that we had after Haikal's incident

Hubby's Birthday

At home... Bought a piece of cake. But as usual, i ended up finishing the cake

At Korean BBQ Restaurant - Seoul Bugogi or something

Haikal's Birthday - Makan2 at MIL's house


This is Alaani in the early stage of my pregnancy
Can see the shape of her body?

This is Alaani if i'm not mistaken in the 8th month of my pregnancy. Can see her face hehhehehe....
My first 3D scan.

The day Alaani was born

Haikal - jaga adik tau hehheheh

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