Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scary Dentist

I just realized that I need to do filling for one of my tooth as the hole (is that what they call it hehhehe) is getting bigger and bigger. So last Sunday I went on a hunt for a dentist. I know that not many clinics open on Sundays but I don’t wanna wait for next Saturday. So clinic after clinic I went and it all closed. I went to Ampang Point, Bandar Baru Ampang and at last end up in Taman Kosas where I came across this clinic which was open.

As I went up the stairs, I made this comment silently, the place looked damp, smell of old buildings and old carpets. If I don’t like the look of the clinic, I’ll go elsewhere. The clinic really looked like an old clinic with the rattan sofa and the ceiling fan and the best word to describe it, it looked really bad. There was a guy dressed very badly sitting on the rattan sofa having a smoke. I was about to left when he asked me why I was there. I immediately answered I need to do filling and he said “OK, go sit inside”. I heard myself saying leave, leave the place but my leg did otherwise. I went in and sat at the supposedly ‘dentist chair’. It was a leather chair really in bad condition, the sink where you normally wash your mouth was broken and the lamp only had one bulb.

So apparently that badly dressed man smoking a cigarette is the dentist. Initially I wanted to do scaling as well but obviously I will not. He checked on my tooth and said he can only do temporary filling. Lucky me…. All the while I was cursing myself for not leaving the clinic. He filled my tooth with the temporary filling and told me to bite on it for at least 30 minutes and that’s it. With that I paid and left the place.

I was like what the hell did I think and what the hell did I just do… Luckily nothing happened and he turned out to be a real dentist. I really cant think of the ‘What ifsssss…..’. When I told hubby about that, he was also so shocked that I did not leave the place… isk isk… I still cannot think why I stayed…

So, moral of the story… think first before you act. Sigh….


nuruliz said...

Haiyaa..awat tak pi Ampang Dentist yang kat Bank Rakyat kat apartment Ahmad Razali tuh...itu bukak on weekend..much much better..

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