Friday, November 21, 2008

Reality Show -Programme

Am not really a fan of that programme but since I was very much involve with not the making of the programme but more on the legal side of it + I know the background of it, I sort of felt obligated to watch the programme every week or at least know the weekly theme or which couple was voted out. Puan Majistret minta maaf…. I know how much you love the programme.

Last week or was it last 2 weeks sowey I cant remember, the producer called me up checking on some work related problem. Then she asked why I haven’t been to the show yet. Told her I might go for the finale but she said to come anytime but she will save seats for me for the finals if I want to. I have this new colleague who seems to be enjoying all these things i.e. artists and gossips and from just an empty talk it turned into a done deal. We are going for the recording of the programme this week. ‘We’ here means my manager, my boss, my new colleague and me.

After like so many discussions on what to wear and how to act and where to seat, we finally went last night. When we arrived to office, we checked on each other’s clothes. None of us is dressed according to the theme hehheheheh…. The theme this week is rock and roll.

So after all the hard work (LOL), it’s time to go. We thought of having something to eat prior to the recording and having the privilege of being the staff, we got in without the need to queue like the rest of the audience. Btw, all the audiences were asked to wait at the lobby. We went in, saw the place where the host supposed to interview the contestant while waiting for the jury to give out scores, took pictures, then went to cafeteria for light snack.

The producer forwarded me his tac team contact number earlier. She told me to call him and he will show us our seats. Called him up and he said to meet him in front of Studio 1 now. So we went and he showed us our seats. OMG it was front seats with VIP labels on it hahhahaha… We were seated next to the celebrities and behind the judges….

Before it started, the floor manager informed the audience what’s going to happen, showed us when and how to clap (which is all the time) and all the dos and the donts. Our hand hurts even before the show started huhuhuhu… and our mouth hurts form laughing…. I am so sure that our faces will be on TV A LOT. But since I was seated beside the celebrity (dare not mention name here, but if you are watching the programme tomorrow and you know who I am, you’ll know who the celebrity was hehehhe), he’ll be blocking me with his banner (I really hope so).

So the recording took about 2 and half hours with breaks and retakes in between. We were quite fascinated cos we have never been to any recording even my boss who has been working here for 12 years now. During break, we had to give our seats to all the fans who wanted to take pictures with all the celebrities. One of my colleague, she wanted to take pictures at the stage, so I took many pictures of her there.

Basically that’s it, but overall it was a new experience for me. Thought of going for the decision show cos that one will be a live show. I have to go to all this, cos I need to know the product mwahahhahahah… hmmm should i post pictures here?? hmmmmm....


J said...

sape kah celebrity itus?

nuruliz said...

Huhuh..u should have informedme earlier so that I will be taking closer look behind the judges..during that time usually its for me to take break..macam buat susulah...pi toiletlah..bestnyerr....