Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Office Issues

Last week was really a bad week for me. Not in terms of work but one of the staff. She really tried on my patience and being me, I almost lost it. Luckily I managed to contain my anger by keeping busy and maintaining straight face.

Monday – She made me wait for her for 1 ½ hours to go to lunch just for a 2 line email to my boss. We dint plan to eat outside just need to tapau food and come back. If not because I pitied her I would have left her behind. She dint drive that day and here in my office, we have to drive out to get food.

Tuesday - She asked me for a favour ‘to help her get money from my boss’ She made this herbal drink which she says good for whatever la I don’t even care and she managed to persuade my boss to try. I am not sure my boss even knew she’s actually selling the drink. Obviously I am not going to ask money from my boss on her behalf. Am gonna look stupid and I don’t even know about the drink until she asked me for that ‘favour’. The first time she asked I said no, then she tried to persuade me again by calling me on the phone. When I said no again she called me ‘gampang’. Am I even at fault for not entertaining her request?

Wednesday – She asked me for a favour again. This time she wanted me to transfer money into her account because she dint want to keep a lot of cash in hand. That’s a reasonable favour if you don’t ask the details. You know what? She wanted to give me 100 RM1 notes in exchange for the RM100 I am going to remit into her account. Is that even a reasonable favour?

Thursday – I was in the middle of discussions with my colleague and channel people. She came to me to with a query. I told her to come back later as I was in a discussion. She still continued with whatever that she’s saying until my colleague told her to come back later when ‘we are no longer in a discussion’. It shows how she dint respect me as her superior. Tu belum crita pasal kerja. She always told me to go find and look for the documents myself when that is part of her job description.

In the afternoon, I told her to send original executed agreement to one of our Singapore partner. She sent out the ORIGINAL EXECUTED AGREEMENT without a covering letter. When I asked her why she did not prepare the cover letter, she dared to answer that my email din’t say so. Then I asked her again, normally how do you send out agreement, with or without cover letter. She answered with a cover letter. Then why don’t you prepare one or even ask me whether to prepare one? Again she said because my email dint say so. This is not an extraordinary task. This is again within her job description. She knew she has to prepare the letter but now she’s putting the blame back on me because my email did not say so. She told me that she will try to retrieve the document from the courier company.

Friday – She was behaving extra nice to me this morning. I guess she knew that I am a bit pissed off with her but not for long, during breakfast with few other colleagues, she called me ‘Gampang’ again for reason I cant even remember. This time I sort of lost my temper. In a stern voice I told her ‘kot ye pun berpada la apa nak panggil orang pun…..’ she blushed and smiled and straight away change the topic. After breakfast, she called me and tried to explain again or the correct words blamed me again for the reason why she did not prepare the cover letter. What the @@#!? Please leave me alone…..



nuruliz said...

Terukknya...u better do something before she ruin your life, work and everything. She is a person who is capable of doing that....

Nomy Yahya said...

dont worryy... mmg aku dah tak layan dia pun... in fact since that week tak pernah g makan ngan dia pun. cakap pun hal2 keje jek... hehhehehe better that way... am much more in the correct circle now... if u know what i mean