Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I played peekaboo a lot with Alaani. She really loved it. She will give me big smiles and make a happy sound. But Haikal hated it when I did it to him… hahhahaha… he’s big to play peekaboo he said.

Last night after breakfasting, I placed her on the sofa and I sat on the floor in front of her. Played and cooed her into talking with me, baby talk of course. I love it when she looked at me and gave me her cute whole body grin.

Suddenly she put her head down and after a while she looked up again and make some sound ‘haaaaaaa’.... Then she did it again. It took me a while to notice that it sounded like the sound I made when I played peekaboo with her. OMG I was laughing and hugging and kissing her and she made the happy giggling sound. Hubby and Haikal came to join but Alaani didn’t do it again. They missed it hahhahahha…

After that hubby went out to smoke at the corridor. Haikal busy watching cartoon. Out of sudden, Alaani called out ‘aaaaayaaahhh’…. Huhuhuhuhu she called out ayah first instead of mama. Haikal too called hubby’s name first than me…. Sob sob… called hubby and told him about Alaani. As expected, he grinned till his ears. Hubby tried to get Alaani to call out his name again and of course she didn’t. it’s just a one time thing.

But was it true or was it my imagination only god knows. Hihihihihihiihihi.

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Yan said...

yoohoo! baru le tau uve moved from friendster to here...rerajin le update n pics osso..;)