Thursday, April 02, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

I first came across the book ‘Confession of a Shopaholic’ when hubby’s friend (hmmm a girl lawyer friend tau…) accidentally left the book in hubby’s car when hubby gave her ride back to office from court. Hahhahaha I really want to see her face when hubby told her that she left the book in his car and I found it. Luckily I’m not the ‘jealous’ type.

Anyway, I have always wanted to buy that book but somehow being me I did not. So, when she left it in hubby’s car, I read it and I really like it. Thought of buying the next book but again I did not. So, when the book is being adapted into movie, told hubby I want to watch it. He asked me, is it good? What’s the story about? I told her it’s the book that ‘his friend’ left in the car a while back and he said ‘oohhh ok…’.

I booked the tickets for last Friday at Pavillion. Hubby lifted the ban on Pavillion hehhehe if you can remember the J.Co’s incident. The one that we had to pay RM50 for parking cos I lost the ticket hhehehehhe…

Went straight for office to Pavillion. Was caught in the smart tunnel jam for almost an hour. Left office around 6 and arrived at Pavillion almost 730pm huhuhuh… Got the tickets and went to check out Coach store. Hehehhe Coach I will definitely get one of you by the end of the month…. Crossing my fingers for that. Am going to Jakarta and Bandung this month and hubby said the Coach prices over there is much more cheaper. And I will also check the collection in KLIA.

Then, last stop before movie, we had the long awaited and postponed birthday dinner for hubby at Tony Roma’s. We had Onion Loaf, Tony’s Salad & 5 pieces of beef ribs. It was good and we were so full. A bit expensive but we will definitely come again.

Finally, the movie started. We had a good time laughing watching the movie. I really like Isla Fisher though she didn’t really sound like ‘Rebecca Bloom’ in the book. I love hugh Dancy as he is so miserably cute and messy. All in all I like the movie and I definitely going to buy the book and start the Sophie Kinsella collection. I missed my Harry Potter’s collection though….

Anyhow, watching the movie made me think. Am i a shopaholic? Hmmm…. sadly I think I am. Shopping makes me happy. I still have a long list of things to buy. I mean unnecessary things like clothes, shoes and handbags.

BUT in my defense I have to say that although I always have the urge to shop, I dont buy on impulse. I will look at the things once and come back to buy later. If it's still there, then it is meant for me to buy and if it isnt, then it;s just not meant to be. I am also a comparative shopper. My collegues laughed at my habit but so what. To me, why pay more for the same stuff . That's my philosophy. Hehhehehehhe