Monday, April 06, 2009

Alaani 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Alaani....

We took her out for her very first birthday dinner that night. Bought hazelnut chocolate cake and eat and Shakey's Pizza. She loves soup and that's the nearest that we could take her and need not go through the Friday jam. Anyhow she's too small to appreciate expensive food. To her as long as she loves the food, it's OK hehhehehe...

While waiting for food, took pictures and sadly we dint have the cake. Haikal been asking for it but told him we're bringing the cake to MIL's place tomorrow so no cake hahhahaha... evil I know but I dont want to buy 2 cakes and end up being the one finishing it.

Someone came to sell cupcakes and we bought it for the kids to eat. Hehhehe instead of eating the cakes. But again I dint let the kids eat it that nite. So the next day, Haikal kept on bugging me to let him eat the cupcake. Or the exact words, mama Alaani wants to eat her cupcakes.... So pictures of the nice but expensive cupcakes.

Alaani while and after eating the cupcakes

At MIL's house with Siti & Sidi, Mak Ngah & Pak Ngah, Mak Lang and Mak Teh.

I dint realise Alaani grabbed the chocolate on the cake. But it's worth it. I love looking at the pictures. Though the pics not so nice cos she kept on moving.

They kept on calling Alaani 'food food' cos she only response to you if you have food in your hand. Hhuhuhuhu how la... but it's true. Should see when she tried to grabbed food from your hand or how she tried to grabbed food from the table. So cute. She will not sleep if food is still on the table. She will try as hard as she can to get the food hehheheh.

Alaani's gift.
1st pic dress from Mak Ngan & Pak Ngah
2nd pic- Butterfly toy from Siti & Sidi
3rd pic - dress from Mak Lang
4th pic - dress from Siti & Sidi
Not in the pic - gifts mama & ayah that is yet to be purchased hehhehehe

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waniey said...

besar dah alaani.. eppy bedayy~~~