Friday, December 19, 2008

My First Press Conference

I have been looking forward to go for my very first press conference when they launched Sehati Berdansa Season 2 sometime in October. But somehow the producer forgot to send the invites to me hhuhuhuhu….

So for the Raja Lawak Season 3, the producer knew that I wasn’t invited for Sehati Berdansa’s press conference and he kept on saying that I will not forget you Nomy…. Don’t worry…. True to his word, I did get the invites. It was yesterday at Saloma Bistro Jalan Ampang.

I arrived a bit late. Had Xmas makan-makan and exchanged gifts with my boss and colleagues. We had to do it yesterday as we had a big presentation before the big boss on Tuesday and 2 of my collegues are on leave today.

The press conference was interesting. Wanted to take pictures but I malu hehhehee…. A lot of people form the press... Sebenarnya tak tau and tak kenal pun. I sat with the producers and the team. Wanted to seat with Mr Heartthrob (I know you know Ms Dancing Queen hehehhehe) but cannot la , it was a high profile table.

I missed the opening speech and the speech given by our new channel manager. That's OK though... It was hosted by Johan and Azizan and they are in fact funny. A good combination I can say. The way the introduced the finalists was also funny. Finalists were placed in a box that looked like mobile toilets and they can only come out of the box once the hosts announced their name. My personal view (but I dint really follow last season) they have better finalists this time compared to last season. We have 2 girls this time.

The best part is yet to come. Food and more food hahhahaha…. The food not that good but edible lah at least. Got grilled lamb tau…. Joined my colleagues from ground floor. Initially thought of seating with the assistant producer and the producer’s PA.

After tea, my colleagues had to leave. Sat with the AP for a while to talk about contracts. Got the chance to talk to the hosts and finalists then it’s time to go…. OK la wasn’t that bad considering that I am not the ramah tamah type hehhehehe….

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