Monday, August 25, 2008

Working Now

I have been working for almost 2 months now. What can I say about going back to work? Hmmm… OK but still sad about leaving my 2 kids behind esp my 3mths old (now almost 5mths) baby with the nursery. I have been taking care of Alaani practically alone with my own 2 hands and frankly my hands are full with Haikal’s antiques. Am always at the top of my voice and my patience has been running thin. So I guess, back to work is actually a good thing.

When I first told Haikal that I will start working again, he cried so hard. Then he started asking me questions, if I go to work, who’s going to take care of him. What will happen to him if I go to work etc etc… Being emotional myself, I cried too. In fact harder than him hehhehehe… called hubby and he laughed at us. Told me not to tell him in a sad way. Try different approach. Initially, Haikal wont let me go back to work, in fact every time I mentioned about working, he will start to cry. But eventually, with hubby’s help, with series of negotiations he accepted the fact provided that I buy toys/dvds for him. Settled with a bribe hahhahahha… That’s not good actually but at least he’s not unnecessarily stressed. As for Alaani, she’s too small to notice and I guess she’ll adjust faster than Haikal.

But it’s me who has to adjust to the new arrangement more than them. I am now a working woman, a wife, a mother and I still have to do all the house works. It’s tiring but I guess I will have to adjust.

So now in the morning, no more going back to sleep after Subuh prayer. I will send Alaani to nursery and hubby will send Haikal later. The journey to office will take me about an hour (with normal traffic) and once I was stuck in the jam for 2 hours. Almost cried in the car huhuhuh….

I will try to leave office as early as I can. Journey for about an hour then picked the kids up from nursery. Alaani adjusted well but she will merajuk if I came back late. Haikal, it changes everyday. Sometimes, he wants we to come back early and sometimes he will scold me for coming back early. Isk isk… That usually happened if his friends are still around and they were in the middle of something.

Usually we reached home around 715-730pm. By this time, Alaani will start showing her tantrums. Sometimes I cant even put her down to change clothes. Start nursing her and play with her a little while. Asked Haikal for his daily activities and most of time fighting to watch TV programmes hahhahah… wait for hubby to come back, start cooking. If Alaani, asleep, then can cook early but that’s not usually the case.

We normally had dinner between 1000-1030. I know a bit late but what to do. After dinner, tidy up, kemas2, pack kids stuff to bring to nursery, try to give as much attention to Haikal as possible, watch TV then sleep. I know and I realized that I have given less attention to Haikal and always loosing my patience with him. Haikal on his ends, always crying and scold us if we did not meet his wants. He has become very insistent and persistent and has been driving us crazy. Am thinking of a way to change this. Maybe we have to change before we can change him…. Any tips, please?

That’s my daily routine now. Luckily I did all the washing and ironing during the weekend.
Damn tiring… Itupun belum masuk crita pasal office… isk isk…

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nuruliz said...

Think of the bright least now u dont need exercise to stay slim and the steady income which lessen your Hehehe..anyway life is tough but u have adjusted fine and u have friends like cheer u up when u feel